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Ovaltine Ice Cream: Christmas without The Fluff

Cloris Leachman and Mel Brooks are almost entirely to blame for this week’s post. Or to thank, depending upon your point of view. I was curled up in bed one evening, enjoying a scene from the film Young Frankenstein in … Continue reading

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Butterscotch Pudding, Once Removed

Last weekend, I attended what was affectionately called The Cousin Summit. It was hosted by Ann Marie, the family member who is not only closest to me in age but, conveniently, the closest to me in geographic terms, too. She … Continue reading

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Rizogalo: Rice Pudding, Greek Style

The Greeks have their own, particular way of doing things: eating, speaking, dancing with chairs balanced on their chins, dressing, getting excited when anything that can be broken is smashed onto the floor.

I like to call it Greek style. Or Greek-style, depending upon the activity. Continue reading

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My Life According To Oscar or, How To Make A Donald Crisp

I considered other Oscar winners for the year, but they just didn’t inspire cooking. Yes, I could have made a Sergeant Yorkshire pudding, but that seemed ridiculous. And under no circumstances was I about to make anything with the name Suspicion in it. In terms of baking, I firmly believe that anything Joan Fontaine-inspired is to be avoided, since the result will either be weepy or worse, too bitter to eat. Continue reading

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Manhattan (Sundae) Melodrama

I know this is going to sound crazy, but I love ice cream. I also happen to have an deep affection for Manhattan cocktails. So it was only natural that, after an unpleasant night at work, I should come home, … Continue reading

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Kalter Hund: Spanking Fresh

Sometimes, things have a way of just happening to you. When I woke up one morning several weeks ago, I found myself looking forward to a lazy Sunday afternoon, followed by an evening of cocktails, theater, and dinner with a … Continue reading

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Cherry Soup

It’s that time of year. Farmer’s Markets are exploding with great spring fruits and vegetables. My favorite among them is cherries. If this were prime time television, the cherry would be a superstar, hosting its own variety show in the … Continue reading

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Valrhona: Serious about chocolate.

Yesterday, Valrhona Chocolate hosted a Single Origin Chocolate dessert tasting and demonstration at 350 Rhode Island Street– otherwise known as the new home of the California Culinary Academy. The joy I was experiencing in anticipation of having superior-quality chocolate waved … Continue reading

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The Pavlova

Oh, it’s Spring. What joy. In honor of this turning of the seasons, I bring you a light little piece of fluff– the Pavlova. When I was cooking at a little restaurant in the Mission called the Moa Room, my … Continue reading

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