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I’ll Have a Shirley Temple… and Make It Black.

The other night at work, I watched as a fellow server carried a tray of cocktails to one of his tables. On that tray were three beverages known as Shirley Temples.As he passed me, I commented with mock indignance, “Poor Jane … Continue reading

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Glögg– A Holiday Godsend

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Every %@*&-ing where I go. The store windows, the hideous wreaths on the bumpers of SUVs, the Holiday sweaters, the music (please, God, make it stop). I’m already up to my turtleneck … Continue reading

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A drink a week is all they ask…

There are times in everyone’s life (okay, mine) where one shrugs his shoulders, looks heavenward, and says– if only to one’s self, “Lord, I need a drink.” You know it’s true. One heads for an old standby– a dry gin … Continue reading

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