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Movin’ On Up…

… to a de-luxe apartment floaty thing in the sky. With the help of some very patient friends, I have finally moved. is dead. Long live I am forever bewildered by technology. There will be details to iron … Continue reading

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Happy New-ish Year

                      Well, Gelukkig Nieuwjaar to all you people out there. I’m still under the New Year wire, am I not? I rather enjoyed 2010, but I am comfortable letting it … Continue reading

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A Visual Nursery Rhyme

Pease Porridge. Hot, cold, and nine days old. Can often be seen served alongside faggots.

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We Have A Winner!

Finally. Okay, I simply forgot to post the winner because I’ve never done a giveaway before and I am perfectly imperfect. Congratulations to Rebecca of Foodie with Family! She is the soon-to-be proud owner of a dead person’s cake comb. … Continue reading

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Southern Accent: Collard Greens

I’m no Southerner. No one in my family has claimed residency south of the Mason-Dixon line in at least 150 years. I do, however, like to pretend I’m from the Land of Cotton-and-Coca-Cola from time to time, just to entertain … Continue reading

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Guacamole And The Five Year-Old Chinese Woman

The other morning, I was awakened bright and early by a phone call: “Uhhh… Hey! What you are doing Saturday night?” It was my friend Shannon. I’m not very good at making up lies first thing in the morning, so … Continue reading

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My Teenage Life of Crime: Hustler Made Me Do It.

When I was a boy, I learned about sex from my neighbors. They were entirely unaware of this instruction, but I learned from them, just the same. Like most sexual awakenings, it happened by a combination of accident, curiosity, and … Continue reading

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I Live Here: SF

Hey there, people of San Francisco. Want to take part in a fantastic writing/photography project? Well, I didn’t know I wanted to either, until I met a woman named Julie Michelle in a donut shop on Polk Street. It was … Continue reading

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How To Roast A Chicken: An Illustrated Guide

Hi there. How are you today? Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. But don’t worry, they have pills for that sort of thing now. Now that the niceties are out of the way, it’s time for Show-and-Tell. Today, I’m going … Continue reading

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Quinoa: It’s An Ancient Grain

The other week, when visiting some old friends at their home in Redwood City to dine on sous vide leg of lamb, I was somewhat surprised/amused that the lady of the house had chosen to serve a salad of quinoa … Continue reading

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