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Well, hello there. So glad you decided to stop by.

My name is Michael Procopio, what’s yours?

Je Blog

I am what is called a “food blogger.” I used to have issues with that term thanks to my limited studies of the French language. Though I am certain most of my readers are the type of people who studied the language at their much-donated-to Liberal Arts Colleges and finishing schools, some of you may have been too busy what with cotillions and hay rides to notice that the word “blogger” is an English homophone for the French word blagueur, which means “joker.”

I used to think that writing for blogs was somehow inferior to writing on the printed page (read: a joke). Of course, I was totally, utterly wrong. Flog me, if you like. Call me old fashioned.

Now I love the term “blogger.” I happily embrace blogging and all it entails: the immediacy of it, the feeling of community it has given me, the ability to enrich text with video clips and direct links to obscure references. It’s a pretty damned great way to get one’s point across, don’t you think? And I’ve met some pretty great people along the way. Strike that. I’ve met some really great people.

I am proud to call myself both a blogger and un blagueur.

Aren’t words neat?

Now I have to work on my feelings about the word “foodie.” I don’t think I will ever come to like that one.

30 Responses to About Me

  1. Bob Novak says:

    good sense of humor, now tell me about food, wish the state legislature would outlaw cell phones, etc, in restaurants, theaters bars, etc, but not going to happen our governor and the Mrs. are seen here in so, ca having lunch in Santa Monica each with a phone in their ear , he got off before driving away, our attorney general, old twinkle toes his self having poolside brunch on a very busy Sunday afternoon arguing with someone loudly on his cell, I finally threatened to throw the phone and him in the pool. he apologized and hung up.thank goodness one more month and its against the law to drive while plugged in.not only blackberries, how about the apple phone, and all the rest.

  2. Stu Baby says:

    Honey – loved reading your delicious entries. Congratulations on your developing life. You are an inspiration to those (me!) around you.

  3. Ann says:

    So, my dog is in love with Jacques Pepin (I kid you not, she watches whole shows without blinking, but I think Claudine annoys her a little).

    So, what’s your story? That’s from me, not the dog…

  4. Kathie says:

    FAAA+++site, love the Moroccan recipe and you sense of humour – keep it up!!!

  5. Carmela says:

    I am taking my 81-year old grandmother out for an evening of local art and goodies and I have decided that we will be ordering Depresion-era food and drink in commemeration of the Bailout. I will be wearing pearls and fur (don’t start with me) and saying things like ‘Capital! ‘and ‘Rah-thuhr!’ as I order Side-cars. Suggestions anyone?

  6. michaelprocopio says:

    Carmela– Excuse me, I’ve been away from my blog for a while…

    Rah-thuhr! You are a woman after my own heart. And I promise not to raise a fuss about the fur– especially if the fur piece is one of those old school mink stoles with the biting heads and glass eyes. Those are my favorite.

  7. nancy jean says:

    THANK YOU for you chicken fried steak story. It meant a lot to me that you did that. Please email me back so we can chat. I want to make up bumper stickers with the drinking fountain on it but I need to ask permission of the person who made it first. Thank you again for caring about human/civil rights for ALL of us. Nancy

  8. Katy says:

    Michael, I’m a reporter at the Wall Street Journal. I’d like to interview you for a story I am working on. Would you contact me with a contact phone number? Thank you so much and I will explain all when/if we speak.
    –Katy McLaughlin

  9. Ive had so much fun reading through your blog, I love your sense of humor and I’m looking forward to more great posts from you! Have an awesome weekend!

  10. HAL FORNEY says:

    Michael, We have never met, but I am a good friend of your father (from Wash. HS), and have heard a lot about you. Would love to meet sometime.
    Great blog, I thoroughly enjoyed it. You have made a great success of yourself.

  11. Charles says:

    Mike, Charles from UCLA and that retail storefront loft on Washington. Remember that club we used to go to down the street? It’s a blur!
    In Bangkok now, as a foodie you must come for a visit!

    Email me back!

  12. dave says:

    Great writing, I added you to my reader and can’t wait to keep up. Thanks!

  13. michaelprocopio says:

    Hal– How is it that I did not see your comment? Thanks very much! My parents are excellent pimps.

    Charles– how long has it been? I’ve already Facebooked you. We’re “friends” again!

    Dave– Thank you, thank you! I’m very happy you like the site!

  14. I work for an LA-based reality production company, and am currently helping cast talent for an hour-long special to air on TLC.

    We are on the hunt for dynamic personalities who LOVE food to be featured alongside our talent on this special and I wanted to see if it’s something you might be interested in.

    In this special, our chef-talent will travel to San Francisco and New Orleans to sample the best these cities have to offer. In each city, we will follow our talent as he is shown the four best undiscovered spots by a local food lover.

    We’re looking for this food lover in SF who not only adores food — but all kinds from five-star cuisine to the taco truck down the street.

    Please let me know if it’s something you might be interested in!

    Best —
    Ally Weinberg

  15. akinori says:


    I reached to your blog from foodbuzz and found it very interesting and professional.

    I am writing this email if you are interested in our new service, recipe market where you can sell your recipes globally.

    We offer recipe sharing service in Japan for our 8 million monthly unique visitors in Japan. Our business went public last year and thinking of going abroad.

    It would be great if you could mail me for more detail.


  16. I’d like to personally invite you to join the CookEatShare Author network. CookEatShare has had over 2.5 million unique visitors in 2009, and I think they will be interested in your content. Users will be guided to your actual blog, so this is a free way to increase page views and visitors to your site.

    Please visit http://cookeatshare.com/blogs/apply for additional information. Please contact me at mary@cookeatshare.com if you have any questions about the program.

  17. Amrita says:

    I’ve read yor blog so many times and I guess its high-time I left a comment…I absolutely love it, and always come back to it at the end of a day of food-scouting over the internet!

    • michaelprocopio says:

      Amrita– Well I am most delighted that you decided to speak up! It always makes me so happy (and very, very grateful) to know that people are reading and enjoying. The only payment I get here is in comment form, so thank you. Thank you very much.

  18. kokloongw says:

    Ah…I followed Martin Yan since I was very young! He was the first chef inspired me to want to cook!

  19. Dave says:

    Hope its OK to contact you here but I couldn’t find a contact form. First of all let me say your blog is beautifully designed and your photography is very professional. We’d like to invite you to appear on our foodie website: http://www.foodierama.com . have a look and if you are interested contact me through the email on this comment of through the contact form on our site

  20. JOYCE says:


    • michaelprocopio says:

      Hi Joyce. Kate Smith fascinates me for some reason.

      I found the song you mentioned. Delightful! Enjoy a little trip down memory lane and thanks for stopping by:

  21. Michael!
    You combine the sensual pleasures of food and words to create a sublimely savoury experience! Now that I’ve crossed your path in the blogosphere I shall orbit your star with frequence!

    • michaelprocopio says:

      Thank you very, very much, Judi. I look forward to your next visit. Perhaps I should make tea. Are you a cream or lemon kind of girl?

  22. ruairi says:

    Hello there!

    Your blog is such an inspiration for me, thanks for sharing your tasty recipes 😀 (favorites were the guacamole and cherry tomatoes!)

    tis early days for me in this blogging game, but for sure I have plenty to learn from you !


    • michaelprocopio says:


      An inspiration? Really? Thanks very, very much.

      I’m delighted you’re enjoying my blog. Do give my regards to Mrs. Brown for me.



  23. Elise says:

    Hi Michael,

    I came across an article about your Greek coffee-ground reading abilities. At the request of a few clients, I have been looking for a good tea leaf reader (coffee grounds would work fine too) to book for parties and events. I know this is a bit different from your main interest, but if you’d even be up for talking about it, please send me a note. My site is Bay Area Party People dot com and my contact info can be found there. Thanks much, Elise

  24. Linda says:

    I’m going to agree that even still, the word “foodie” is a little hard to digest…. seems a bit too intense

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