Last Night to Dine About Town, If You Really Want To, I Mean.

If you leave everything to the last minute like I do, then you don’t have dinner plans tonight.

Actually, I do have dinner plans tonight, but at the home of a friend– one of only two I have that will actually cook for me. If you have no willing friends, are just not up to fending for yourself, you might want to take advantage of Dine About Town— especially if you want to, well, dine about town but are on a budget. There are more than 100 San Francisco restaurants participating.

Personally, I have rather mixed feelings about the program. While Dine About Town is a great opportunity for diners to give a new-to-them restaurants a go without much financial or emotional investment, the pre-determined prix fixe menus don’t always show what makes a restaurant really shine.

For example, I dined with friends at RNM last week, for the specific purpose of participating in the program. While the three-course meal was quite good– especially the tomato soup with pre-dunked grilled white cheddar sandwich chunk (above) was fun– the finishing chocolate mousse lacked the sense of fun and imagination that makes their regular menu such a joy to explore.

It was a good meal for $31.95, no doubt about that, but the fact that RNM serves its own non-Dine About Town prix fixe menu Tuesday through Saturday from 5:30 to 7:00 pm for $28.00 made me a little sad. Not because of the extra $3.95, but because I felt that my participating in the program was both self-limiting and pointless.

But, hey. No big loss. The program did manage to get me in the door of a restaurant to which I’ve been meaning to return for some time. Only next time, I’ll eschew the prix fixe and head straight for wild mushroom and caramelized onion pizza with truffle oil that always makes me salivate.

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One Response to Last Night to Dine About Town, If You Really Want To, I Mean.

  1. ChuckEats says:

    I agree w/ the sentiment – the DAT menus usually lack much excitement. Maybe it’s the chefs turning out the same menu all night & week; maybe the restaurants see it as an easy way to make up some margins (serve em cheap); or maybe i’m just too skeptical.

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