A drink a week is all they ask…

There are times in everyone’s life (okay, mine) where one shrugs his shoulders, looks heavenward, and says– if only to one’s self, “Lord, I need a drink.” You know it’s true.

One heads for an old standby– a dry gin martini, a beer, rubbing alcohol– whichever it is one names as one’s preferred poison. Though comforting, the same old same old can get a little boring. Friends coming over? What do you serve them? Vodka and soda? Pinot Noir? Please say it isn’t so. I have nothing against either of these choices, naturally. It’s just that they’re so… uninspired. So where does one go to get inspiration?

Please don’t tell me Sex in the City. If I hear one more person order a cosmo, I shall cry bitter tears. Mine, of course, would be of the Peychaud variety.

I have found my personal cocktail muses in Anita and Cameron over at Married…with Dinner, where they have been posting their Drink of the Week feature for nearly two years. From classic-but-nearly forgotten gems like the Millionaire Cocktail (No.1) (upper, right) to the simple, playful Bee’s Knees (lower, left), Anita and Cameron show-and-tell you what they’re drinking.

The writing is amusing and learned, the photography can be drool-worthy at times, and the choices are often inspired. One of my favorites is Sweeney’s Cocktail— a brandy and pineapple concoction with an appropriate amount of (Angostura) bitter and just enough Maraschino liqueur to give it a faintly morbid feel.

Like revenge, it is a drink best served cold.

The Married…with Dinner duo have, over time, amassed a wealth of cocktail knowledge and know how: cocktail news, drink recipes, and hard-to-get ingredient resource information. Hell, it’s just a great place to get lost for a little while.

To get inspired yourself, pay them a little visit. Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I’ve got a batch of Bee’s Knees to mix.

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