Coffee Bar

This was supposed to be an easy-does-it post…

Go to Coffee Bar. Go to Coffee Bar to get a beautiful, just-for-you cup of Clover-made coffee. Go to Coffee Bar because it is not Starbucks which, not surprisingly, is just around the corner.

And then, upon my second trip into the place, I bugged the barista into letting me take pictures of my coffee being made:

202 Degree F water goes in, barista stirs with care…

Machine works like a big French Press in reverse and makes what looks like a giant, overbaked sugar cookie…

Out comes one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had…

Blah, blah, blah…

Well, I thought, spending more than $10,000 on a coffee machine is so absolutely worth it! And so is the $3.00 charged per cup. Really.

I still think so. If you are a coffee lover and have not had Clover coffee, I suggest you do so. Now.

I was feeling so self-satisfied. I’d had a long, pleasant walk, I was in a sleek, beautiful space with a good book clutched under my arm, and I was being very well caffeinated by a cup of coffee so strong and well balanced, that I felt no need to add sugar or cream, which is atypical of my style. I normally drink kindercafe in the morning. I had everything I needed for a good half hour’s rest-and-refuel.

And then the barista told me that Starbucks had recently bought the company that makes the Clover machine. I felt as though the Publisher’s Clearing House van had just pulled up to my house and, as Ed McMahon was about to hand me my bouquet of balloons and over-sized check, my doctor telephones me to tell me I have only two weeks to live. A certain bitterness crept into my otherwise perfect cup of coffee. I think it was my tears. Or perhaps some of the bile that rose from my esophagus as I tried to digest the news.

Perhaps Starbucks saved enough money from the tips they stole from their baristas to buy Clover’s soul.

I suppose a small consolation is that Coffee Bar was able to purchase its Clover before Starbucks wrapped its caffeinated tentacles around it. And that it’s very much worth experiencing.

I also love the fact that the folks at Coffee Bar are pleasant, helpful, and relatively no-nonsense about their coffee. Their coffee menu is simple:

Sorry, Yelp woman, no cinnamon. Bring your own if it’s that much of an issue for you.

Remind me later to tell you about my mixed feelings regarding Yelp.

Go to Coffee Bar for a nice, big cup of this:

Nuff said.

Coffee Bar

Open Daily from 7 am

1890 Bryant Street

(Mariposa & Florida)

San Francisco, CA



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3 Responses to Coffee Bar

  1. pixen says:

    sighhhh… what I do know is Starbucks is like Microsoft of Coffee & Tea world… And it’s self-service plus consumers paying tax for it!

    I preferred to have my coffee at those small coffee shops with friendly, smiling baristas & staffs that knew their customers like they know their beans!

  2. michaelprocopio says:

    Yeah, I like going to my little coffee place across the street. The coffee might not be as spectacular as some of the hipper, hand-crafted places, but who needs spectacular every morning? I like someone greeting me warmly, by name. I like the thought of having neighbors I talk to.

  3. missginsu says:

    Right. I’m inspired. Looks like the only Clover coffee in all of NYC is at Cafe Grumpy in Manhattan. (Clover Finder ) Thank you for instilling a sense of urgency.

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